Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours [MEET] – tour operator in Ethiopia

Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours [MEET] is a local tour operating company in Ethiopia established in September 2008. Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours [MEET] has been handling a number of small group and individual tours in and around Addis Ababa, and to Northern and Southern Ethiopia. MEET works to meet visitors’ expectations of their tour in with perfect value.

Our quality in custom making tours created to perfect match visitors’ requests especially city tours in Addis Ababa, day tours from Addis Ababa, and multi day tours to the historical sites of Northern Ethiopia, the cultural and natural route of the southern Ethiopia, together with Awash National Park and Harar in the east sets us apart and atop. Day Tours from Addis Ababa we offer are free to customize to fit best with visitors’ requests.

Logo of Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours
Logo of Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours

Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours [MEET] selected a traditional Ethiopian coffee pot colored with the Ethiopian national colors of Green, Yellow and red. Our logo is designed to show : –

  • Our uniquely Ethiopian experiential tours as Coffee is originally from the Kaffa province of Western Ethiopia
  • And, as Coffee contributes the largest portion for the Ethiopian Economy, handling your tours of Ethiopia most satisfactorily is our first priority.
  • As Coffee is traditionally served for guests in Ethiopia to show being welcoming host, Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours selected typical Ethiopian traditional coffee pot (“Jebena” in Amharic) to show our respect for and welcome our guests.

Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours offers tours especially designed to fit visitor’s interests and wishes.

Visitors of Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours visiting Adadi Mariam Rock Church with a day tour from Addis Ababa
Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours Group at Adadi Mariam

The above photo is Muluken Girma with a group of University students Visiting Adadi Mariam Rock Church with a day tour from Addis Ababa

Most frequently booked tours offered by Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours include : –

  • Layover tour of Addis Ababa – Half day highlight tour of Addis Ababa. This tour focus mainly on local foods but it can be customized
  • Half-day Addis Ababa City Tour – This short city tour in Addis Ababa is designed mainly for transit passengers at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. This 4 to 5 hours tour gives visitors a great introduction to Addis Ababa city

Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours also organizes Food Tours to help visitors learn Ethiopian spices, baking Enjera (Ethiopian national Bread) and to attend traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony.

If you are planning your travel in Ethiopia, work it best with the local tourism professionals of Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours.

Contact us soon and see how! 

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Contact Address

P. O. Box – 180415, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tel – +251 963 078067

Mob – +251 911 360488

WhatsApp – +251 911 360488

Skype – Muluken444

Official Facebook Page of Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours

Web –

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